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The XXII edition of the increasingly important Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico (Mediterranean Archaeological Tourism Exchange) is scheduled to be held at Paestum between the 14-17 November 2019, with over 100 espositori and 25 countries booked up to attend.

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The world's finest wines will be competing for the prestigious WineHunter Award at this year's Merano WineFestival (9-11 November), South Tyrol.  The event, launched in 1992 by Helmuth Kocher, known as the “WineHunter”, is a showplace for Italian wines and includes the sections “Vino in Vulcano” (wines from territory of volcanic origin), traditional niche wines “Vino in Anfora”, produced and aged according to time-honoured tradition.

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RES CIOCIARIA...a new approach to farming


The increased interest on the part of consumers for niche food products as opposed to mass brands is creating a new approach to the cultivation of basic crops like grain and legumes. Over the last few years, a growing number of small Italian farmers are turning towards the past and recovering the time-honoured techniques and historic autochthonous crops of their ancestors.

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 Risultati immagini per la casa del bicentenario ercolano

The Herculaneum Conservation Project is entering its final stages with the creation of the “Via Mare” (the Sea Road) initiative which will connect the archaeological park with the heart of the modern city.

The ancient Roman theatre and the Forum, which still lie buried underground, are at present outside the perimeter of the archeological site.

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Lake Scanno, in the heart of the Abruzzo mountains (L'Aquila) and bordering on the Abruzzo National Park and nature reserve, has entered the list of Italy's favourite romantic spots. Previously little known, except to Nature lovers and excursionists, the lake has now become celebrated for its heart-shaped form, making it a perfect background for wedding photos.

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