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The great neo-classical sculptor Antonio Canova is honoured in both Rome and Milan with major exhibitions of his work. In Rome, “Canova. Eternal Beauty” showcases the sculptor's long relationship with the city, where he lived for most of his life and produced most of his most celebrated works. The exhibition runs in the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi until the 15th March 2020.

In Milan, the Canova exhibition takes on another dimension, comparing the works of Canova with his contemporary the Danish Bertel Thorvaldsen. “Canova/Thorvadsen. The Birth of Modern Sculpture” is the fruit of the art patronage of the Intesa Sanpaolo, one of Italy's most important banks. Held in the Gallerie d'Italia, the bank's museum, the exhibition also runs until the 15th March 2020. In collaboration with the Hermitage of St. Petersburg and the Thorvaldsen Museum of Copenhagen and featuring over 160 prestigious works  on loan from the world's most prestigious museums, the exhibition documents the enormous impact that the works of the two artists had internationally.

Thorvaldsen, like Canova, spent most of his life in Rome and this exhibition is a unique opportunity to compare the work of the two artists.

As part of its philosophy of supporting art and culture, the Banca Intesa Sanpaola has three museums in Milan, Naples and Vicenza. In 2022, with the opening of a fourth museum in Turin, the bank will be able to claim to be the first banking group in the world possessing four museums open to the public, and with permanent collections and regular exhibition programmes. In 2019, the 18 exhibitions held in the bank premises and its three museums drew 500,000 visitors.


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The Stag Man (Gl' Cierv) performs his eerie Carnival ritual on Sunday 23rd February 2020 in the remote Mainarde mountain town of Castelnuovo di Volturno in Molise. After sunset, he emerges dressed in goatskins, his hands and face blackened, his head crowned with a pair of mighty stag's antlers, and roams the streets in an attempt to terrorize the inhabitants.

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L'Accademia di Arte Sanitaria (Academy of Sanitary Art) in Rome has announced the first results of the Pliny Project, coordinated by a group of experts from the universities of Rome, Florence, Macerata and  the Rome Institute of Geological Environment and Geo-engineering (Igag-Cnr).

The group are analysing a skull attributed to Pliny the Elder, found in 1900 near the beach of Stabiae, near Naples, along with the scattered remains of another 70 people, all victims of the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD.  

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“Il Fuggiasco” (The Fugitive), Le 7 Mandate (7 Turns of the Lock), “Quarto di Luna” (a Touch of Madness) may seem rather odd names for wines until you learn that they are produced by the Casa Circondariale (the Prison) of Velletri, in the Castelli Romani near Rome.

Organized into a farming cooperative called Cooperativa Lazzaria, a group of the penitentiary inmates have been successfully producing wine, olive oil and market garden products for the past fifteen years.

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Another major anniversary this year! Federico Fellini, author of the landmark film “La Dolce Vita” was born in Rimini on the 20th January 1920. His home town has prepared a programme of events in his honour. These include the exhibition “Fellini 100. Immortal Genius” at the Sismondo Castle, earmarked to become the venue of a permanent museum due to open in December 2020, as well as guided tours of places connected with the artist's memory, including his childhood home and the Grand Hotel, where he often stayed in Suite 316.

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