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The “Caffé Sospeso” (O café suspiso, in the Neapolitan dialect) is a long tradition in the Naples area, where anyone who wishes can leave money for an extra cup of coffee at his favourite cafe, which will subsequently to be offered to someone who can't afford to pay for his own.


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The prestigious Touring Club of Italy, founded in 1896, has launched a new online  initiative entitled Passione Italia”, which takes viewers on virtual tours of the multiple natural and artistic beauties of Italy.

The opening page features the evocative ruin of Rocca Calascia in Abruzzo and goes on to describe the historic, scenic and gastronomic attractions of this lesser known area of Italy.

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The Radicepura Garden Festival is holding an international contest to design the “Garden of the Future” which will mark its 3rd  edition, due to be held between April and October 2021 at the Radicepura Botanical Gardens, Giarra, ear Catania, Sicily.

The theme “Garden of the Future” sets out to explore the possible evolution of gardens with view to climate change, food growing and environmental enhancement.

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The musicians of four of the most prestigious conservatories and orchestras of Florence are getting together for a virtual concert every Sunday and Thursday at 6 pm as their contribution to morale boosting during the present Covid19 epidemic.

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Flight of the Last Stuart King by Margaret Stenhouse

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In 1798 when Napoleon invades Rome, Cardinal Henry Stuart, last direct heir of the royal House of Stuart, is forced to flee from Frascati to seek refuge in the Kingdom of Naples. This is only the beginning of an adventurous two-year journey that drives him to Sicily, Corfu, Padua and Venice, bringing him into contact with many key figures of the period, like Horatio Nelson, Lord and Lady Hamilton,

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