The historic city of Parma (Emilia) was elected as Italian City of Culture for 2020 but unfortunately the outbreak of coronavirus put a halt on all the carefully prepared programmes that were to accompany the event. The nomination has consequently been prolonged for 2021 and the city is finally beginning to unfold some of its suspended programmes.

Meanwhile, the VisitEmilia organization is promoting visits to the historic churches of Parma, and its neighbouring cities of Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, with their wealth of art works. In particular, visitors are being encouraged to raise their eyes and do some cupola-gazing to admire the amazing frescos by great local masters like Correggio, Guercino, Parmigianino and others. The long list of churches which contain masterpieces of dome decoration include Parma Cathedral, where Correggio painted the Assumption of the Virgin with a revolutionary swirling composition of bodies spiralling heavenwards towards the figure of Christ.

Guercino is the star of Piacenza Cathedral, where he filled the cupola with the Prophets, suspended among the clouds, and Reggio Emilia's Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of the Ghiara, built to commemorate a miracle in 1596, is a virtual kaleidoscope of prophets and with a rare cycle of female figures, heroines of the Old Testament, by Lionello Spada, a pupil of Carraci, and other Emilia artists, arching high above an altar piece of the “Crucifixion” by Guercino.

All these works of art are now available to the public.

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Posted on 08 Feb 2021 by Editor
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