Il Gran Ballo delle debuttanti della Nunziatella sabato a Castel ...

Italy has its own version of the celebrated   Debutantes Balls of Vienna, with young girls in white being whirled round the floor by partners in tails. The balls are nostalgic re-enactments of the gracious age of 19th century Austria, which dominated Middle European culture for much of the century following the defeat of Napoleon and are held in Italy's most prestigious palaces.

Rome opened the season with the Gran Ballo di Sissi (a homage to the much loved and admired Elisabeth, the wife of Franz Joseph 1 of Austria. On the 16th November 2013, Turin follows with the Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale in the magnificent former Savoy Royal Hunting Castle, just outside the city, restored and opened to the public in recent years. The debutantes on this occasion wear specially designed couture dresses created by the atelier of Carlo Pignatelli. Palermo comes next with the Gran Ballo del Gattopardo on the 14th December, held in the Grand Hotel Villa Igea and Milan closes with the Ballo Viennese a Milano on the 25th January 2014, a historic event organized by the Austrian community of Milan.

The balls are open to everyone  even those who prefer to watch, rather than waltz round the floor. Formal dress code is obligatory  evening dress and black tie. Tourism packages including hotels, sightseeing and the ball are also available. 


 Info:  (Turin event) (Rome and Palermo)  (Milan)


Posted on 12 Nov 2013 by Editor
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