Concerning the restrictions imposed by the government, 87.7% considered social distancing necessary to control the epidemic and 88.7% were in favour of the closure of schools and mass meetings of all kinds. The greater majority (44.3% + 34%) believed that in our present society pandemic emergencies on a vast scale, like Covid 19, were inevitable.

51.5% of those questioned declared that they now appreciated the value of life more. Only 7.1% declared that they felt it diminished, while 41.4% felt no difference.

The main worry of the young focused on the consequences of the crisis in terms of the economy, occupation and future income (75.6%, 73.4% and 75.5% respectively). Among the positive aspects cited were efficiency of the development of digital competence and smart working, the efficiency of the national health service and family relationships.

All in all, Italian youth came out as resilient and optimistic with a surprising 64.6% believing that the crisis had had a positive impact on the country in general.

Info: Survey conducted by Ipsos s.r.l on behalf of the Institute Giuseppe Tonioli

(27-31 March 2020)


Posted on 27 May 2020 by Editor
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