The appearance of the Italian national colours of green, white and red on packaging increases sales, according to a recent report by the Osservatorio Immagino di GS1 Italy (Image Observatory of Global Standards) of the EU conducted among leading retailers. The report revealed that, compared with the previous year, sales of food products grew by +0.7% when the Italian flag appeared on the label and by +3.5% if accompanied by the guarantee “100% Italian.”

Despite the current problems of the pandemic, sales of Doc/Docg products continue to increase and DOP labelled products have retained their market share. In addition, according to a report by the Confederazione Nazionale Coltivatori Diretti, Coldiretti (the leading organization of farmers at national and EU level with over half a million members), based on the findings of of the above Osservatorio Immagino, two thirds Italians would be willing to pay more for products that guarantee Italian provenance of the foods they buy. Globally, the sales of Italian food products continue to increase and this trend is expected to continue post-Covid, despite the many attempts at imitation.


Posted on 07 Jun 2020 by Editor
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