Il Monumento Naturale di Piano SantAngelo, a nature reserve run by the World Wildlife Fund, has now reopened, thanks to funding received from the Lazio regional government. The reserve, which lies between the towns of Corchiano and Gallese, near Viterbo in northern Lazio, is noted for its unusual and dramatic landscape, with deep canyons  refuge for a wide variety of wildlife - and for its archaeological remains dating back to the ancient race of Falisci, that include an aqueduct and a series of rock tombs.

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Coriandoline: un quartiere da favola | Ambient&Ambienti - il ...


Coriandoline, a little town designed entirely by children near Correggio (Reggio Emilia), has now been officially inaugurated.

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Italys ever more popular bubbly, Prosecco, is to apply for official recognition as a certified product of a particular area in the Veneto Region, in order to protect it from the many imitations springing up in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Chile and Romania.

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Mostra immagine a dimensione intera


Terzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, is now an honorary citizen of both Rome and Venice. The Tibetan spiritual leader was greeted with a standing ovation at Romes City Hall on Capitol Hill. Mayor Gianni Alemanno presented him with the symbol of Rome - a model of the ancient bronze sculpture of the wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of the city.

Shortly afterwards, the honorary citizenship of Venice was also conferred on the Dalai Lama by Venetian mayor Massimo Cacciari in a special ceremony at Venice City Hall 


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Despite the present unfavourable economic climate, the Italian cruise company, Costa Crociere, has achieved a highly successful 2008 and announces that it expects to continue on the crest of the wave during 2009.

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Forgotten Railways Day on the 1 st March will be marked by over 60 events dedicated to Italys historic railway tracks. Stretches of railway lines, no longer in use, will be rediscovered during a series of excursions on foot and by bicycle, or by trips on special trains running over many highly scenic routes.

For information:  

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The Carnival season in Italy doesnt just mean Venice and Viareggio. Carnival revels are in full swing in every town, big and small, in the Italian peninsula.

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The exhibition Love, Art and Grace featuring the newly restored Raphael masterpiece entitled The Madonna of the Goldfinch has attracted record numbers of visitors since it opened in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, on the 23 rd November 2008.

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14 Febbraio, Buon San Valentino 2020: le IMMAGINI e le GIF più ...


St. Valentines Day, the annual Festival for Lovers, is one of the best known celebrations in the western world, but how many people know that St. Valentine was an early Christian martyr and that his tomb can still be visited here in Italy?

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A giant screen in Milans Piazza Duomo is busy recording the thousands of love messages being sent via mobile phone from all over Italy. The sender of the most touching and significant message  to be judged by Italian bestselling author of romantic fiction, Federico Moccia  will be nominated Kiss Writer for a Day, with reference to the famous Perugino Bacio (Kiss) chocolate manufacturer, which is partner in the event.

Anyone who wants to join in can send a message through the website  

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