Â  Risultati immagini per minotauro spoleto

The annual Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, known for its avant-guard performances and ground-breaking presentations, has fulfilled expectations again this year with a new operatic hit – The Minotaur by Roman composer Silvia Colasanti.

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 Risultati immagini per PIEDILUCO FESTIVAL OF WATER    



Piediluco (Terni, Umbria) greets the advent of summer with a week-long annual Festival centred on its lake. The opening evening, on the 30th June, was ushered in with the traditional solstice bonfire, accompanied by the historic night-time procession of boats decorated with flowers and garlands.

The people of the lake will be celebrating the new season all this week with music, dancing and feasting on the shore.

The Festival of Water lasts until the 8 July.


Info:www.festadelleacque.it -  proloco.info@gmail.com



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Risultati immagini per prosciutto toscano dop

One of Italy's most acclaimed gastronomic delicacies, Prosciutto Toscano DOP, travels from Tuscany to New York this weekend (30 June-2 July 2018) to participate in the prestigious Fancy Food Show at the NY Javits Centre. This is the latest appointment in an energetic international promotional drive that has seen the Consortium in London (EAT Europe's Art of Taste) last November and Montreal, Canada, for SIAL Speciality Food Fair in June 2018.



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If you are banking on living for over a century, Italy would appear to be the best place in Europe to reach the venerable status of Supercentenarian. According to the Italian National Statistics Institute ISTAT, there are currently 17,630 centenarians in the country, six of whom are verified as living supercentenarians – the title given to those who have topped their  110th birthday.









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Risultati immagini per mantegna resurrezione

A scoop for the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo (Lombardy): the Mantegna Resurrection in their collection, hitherto believed to be a copy, has now been declared the original work of the great  renaissance master, Andrea Mantegna.



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 Risultato immagine per palio di san giovanni spilamberto

Awards for the best locally produced balsamic vinegar will be announced on the 24 June 2018 during the traditional midsummer Palio di San Giovanni (Tournament of St. John) at the town of  Spilamberto (Modena, Reggio Emilia). From the beginning of April, a team of professional tasters has been trying out hundreds of anonymous samples of traditional balsamic vinegar produced by small family-run businesses.



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Quartiere delle ceramiche - Puglia

The unique Quartiere delle Ceramiche (Ceramics Quarter) in Grottaglie (Puglia) where many artists still work in the traditional red clay caves, or grottos, that gave the town its name, will be host to an international exhibition of ceramic sculpture between the 23 June – 30 September 2018.

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Risultati immagini per biennale di architettura venezia

The Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Architectural Design 2018 focusses on a lesser known reality of Italy, the constellation, or archipelago, as Biennale President Paolo Baratta calls it, of the 4000 small towns and villages scattered around the peninsula.

According to Mario Cucinella, the exhibition curator, the idea is to turn the spotlight on the architects who work to redesign and re-qualify small town piazzas and historic buildings “always attempting to create a relationship between history and contemporary reality.



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Risultato immagine per madonna della fabrica di san pietro

For the very first time, the public can admire a splendid renaissance Madonna and Child by an unknown artist, commissioned in 1519 for the Church of San Giacomo Scossacavalli in Rome.



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 Risultati immagini per bagnoregio la citta incantata

Civita di Bagnoregio, (Lazio), once labelled the Dying City because of its lack of inhabitants and its precarious position perched on a crumbling rocky plug, has now become The Enchanted City, thanks to the annual Festival of Animation, which attracts more and more participants.



Posted on 04 Jun 2018 by Editor

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