Risultati immagini per i parchi piu belle a natale


I Parchi Più Belli D'Italia (Italy's Most Beautiful Parks association) offer a programme of events for the festive season involving historic gardens all over the country. These are only a few examples:


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Risultati immagini per abbadia san salvatore inverno


The traditional torchlit Christmas celebrations at the winter ski resort of Abbadia San Salvatore on the slopes of Monte Amiato (Tuscany) start off early this year. The 4th December 2015, the feast of the patron saint, St. Barbara, protectress of miners, will be marked by the inauguration of the new Multimedial Museum to complement the town's Mineral Park Museum, located partially in the former Monte Amiata cinnabar mercury mine.


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 Risultati immagini per lazio piante monumentali


In 2013, Lazio region passed legislation protecting its patrimony of monumental trees, declaring that every civic area should submit a censor within the end of this year 2015. this objective is unlikely to be reached by the deadline, due to scarcity of funds, however, the operation has been initiated by the Corpo Forestale dello Stato (State Forestry Corps) which has the task of documenting ancient trees both in the wilds and on private land, to guarantee their future protection.


Posted on 30 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per geopark in italia

Italy's 10 Geoparks received UNESCO recognition at the recent 38th Plenary Session of the UNESCO meeting in Paris. The geoparks organization was launched some years ago in order to meet the need to recognize, at an international level, sites of geological interest.


Posted on 27 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per mondo bio a firenze


A market-fair of the best of Tuscan organic produce takes place in Florence between the 17th -28th  November 2015. The show is the last in a series of initiatives linked to Expo 2015 promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and various producers' associations.



Posted on 23 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per piero della francesca resurrezione

The on-going restoration of Piero Della Francesca's majestic masterpiece The Resurrection of Christ continues to produce surprises as work continues. The Resurrection, thought to have been executed around the 1460s, when the artist was working in nearby Arezzo, is frescoed on the wall of the Civic Museum in the town of Sansepolcro (Tuscany) and continues to be visible throughout the restoration period.


Posted on 21 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per ninfa gardens

The annual competition to nominate the most beautiful Italian garden of the year saw dual wiunners in this edition: the laurels went to both the Villa Medici in Rome, seat of the historic French Academy, and the Ninfa Gardens in the countryside some 80 kms south of Rome.  The winners were chosen from over one thousand candidates.


Posted on 18 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per piazzetti di italia con gente

Italy came out tops as the country that best offers authentic experiences to visitors, according to a survey by TripBarometer conducted among 61,000 international travellers.

Posted on 15 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per appia antica


Italy's Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities (MIBAC) has requested that the Old Appian Way be listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ancient Roman road, built over 2,300 years ago, runs through four Italian regions, linking Rome with Brindisi on the Adriatic coast.


Posted on 12 Nov 2015 by Editor

Risultati immagini per truffle fair


Visitors who missed the first weekend of the annual truffle fair at San Giovanni d'Asso (Tuscany) can catch up on the busy programme of events during the second weekend - 14-15 November 2015.

Posted on 09 Nov 2015 by Editor

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