Rome was the most visited Italian city in the first six months of 2013, according to Hotel Price Index, an online organization that analyses the prices paid by travelers all over the world. Venice and Milan came in second, followed by Florence and Sorrento, and then Bologna, Naples, Pisa, Palermo and Verona.


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The Cincinnato wine cooperative at Cori (Lazio) has launched into tourism with the restoration of an imposing two hundred-year old farm house, with 15 rooms, a gourmet restaurant, conference room and sports facilities, set on a hill surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and woodlands. The winery, founded 76 years ago, intends to promote the area as a relaxing cultural and farm holiday destination.

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Edicolanti e tassisti: ecco l'Umbria che resiste al Coronavirus ...

The best of Italian culinary creativity is on display at the historic town of Foligno, Umbria, this weekend 27-29 September 2013. Twenty-six villaggi del gusto (taste hamlets), scattered around the town centre, each demonstrating a range of both traditional and innovative dishes, take visitors on a gourmet itinerary lasting until Sunday evening.

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On Saturday 28 September 2013, as part of the European Heritage Day celebration, Rome civic museums and archaeological sites throw open their doors with free entry for the public and a series of coordinated cultural events.
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inviting programme has been set up by the Region of Tuscany, the town councils
of Florence and Certaldo, along with the Giovanni Boccaccio national board, to
celebrate the seventh centenary of the birth of one of Italy’s most famous poets,
author of the Decameron.<o:p></o:p></font></span></p>

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This years grape harvest promises well, according to Italian wine registries Agrinsieme, Federvini and Unione Italiana Vini (Uiv). Production has increased by 7% compared with 2012, with a total 45 hectolitres.  Due to climatic conditions, the grape harvest is taking place some fifteen days later than last year.


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The annual contest to select Italys most beautiful gardens has two winners in this 11th edition 2013. The arduous task of choosing among over 1,000 high quality competitors has thus prompted judges to award twin prizes, one for a privately owned garden and the other for a public park.


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A must for John Lennon fans: the Palazzo Margherita Civic Gallery of Modena is staging a tribute to the Beatles' musician and composer, which includes Big One, the series of 14 lithographs created by Lennon and exhibited in 1970.

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Where to take a relaxing autumn break? The little-known Lake Trasimeno Nature Reserve in Umbria offers a perfect relaxing destination to travellers looking for authenticity and full immersion in Nature.  


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Welcome back to our readers after the August holiday. We'll be making a few changes to Italyupdate, which will now be known as, in order to give a fuller picture of the lesser known aspects of this multi-faceted and fascinating world that is ITALY.

From time to time, we shall be focussing on certain areas that we feel our readers would like to know better, with longer and more informative articles. In addition to the regional gastronomic specialities that we already highlight, we also plan to explore local Italian hand crafts and products that are still produced in the traditional way, and not on an industrial scale.

We hope you will enjoy our new initiatives,

Best wishes,

the editorial staff of our new





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