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Just days after the Dolomite mountain range officially entered the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, a news-catching initiative has been organized in the Dolomites on the eve of the G8 conference in L'Aquila, Abruzzo, due to open on the 8 th July 2009. In order to remind the participating governments to honour their promises to help Africa and the poor regions of the world, at mid-day on the 5 th July a human chain of over six thousand people is to link hands and form a ring around the triple peaks of Mt. Lavaredo in Cadore. The initiative, promoted by the Association Insieme (Together we can do it) and the Dolomite resort town of  Auronzo di Cadore, has the backing of the Italian government and local regional authorities, as well as a large number of charitable organizations.

Organizers point out that the choice of the Dolomite range is not casual but highly symbolic, as these mountains were born thanks to the pressure caused by the African and European continental drift 230 million years ago.

For information: town hall Auronzo di Cadore

Association Insieme si Può



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