Active in Italy since 1966, WWF Italia has just celebrated the 20 th anniversary of the passing of Law 394 sanctifying conservation and the institution of protected areas in Italian territory. Italy now has 23 National Parks and 871 protected areas for a total of 3,163,000 hectares of land and 2,800,000 hectares of sea areas, covering a total 10.42% of national territory.

WWF President Stefano Leoni, who took over from historic founder and president Fulco Pratesi in 2009, commented with satisfaction on the animal and plant species saved from extinction thanks to the institution of parks and protected zones,  including, the Abruzzo chamois, the brown bear and the wolf (re-introduced successfully to the Abruzzo National Park some decades ago).

A poll commissioned by the WWF in December 2011 demonstrated the public's appreciation of the conservation work carried out by the organization, with 90% of those interviewed recognizing the importance of protected areas for both human wellbeing and for the economy, particularly with regard to benefits for future geberations.

Posted on 12 Jan 2012 by Editor
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