Rome is not just ancient monuments and churches. Cinecitt� World is a brand new family attraction linked to the city's long history as the “Hollywood on the Tiber”. The spectacular theme park, which will open its doors on the 24th July 2014, covers the site of the former De Laurentiis studios at Castel Romana, 30 kms from Rome and half way to the coast.

The work on the park, which is privately financed with an initial investment of €250 million, has been kept strictly secret until now. The theme park takes its inspiration from some of the famous films of Italian cinema, with eight gigantic sets designed by pluri-Oscar winner set-designer Dino Ferretti, including “Cabiria” (the first Italian silent movie,1914), a New York street of the 1920s, a “Spaghetti Western” town, as well as 20 finger-biting rides like the Altair Space Ship roller coaster, the Aktium water ride that travels through a virtual ancient Roman villa and the  colossal elephant Erawan drop tower, 

The actual site covers 25 hectares, with a further 125 hectares to be developed. Investors expect to attract 1.5 million visitors a year and aim to earn recognition as one of the five top theme parks of Europe  within the next five years.

Meanwhile, the former Cinecittďż˝ studios, where directors like Fellini, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese have left their imprint, remain open as a museum and working film and TV studio.



Posted on 16 Jul 2014 by Editor
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