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Italy's Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities (MIBAC) has requested that the Old Appian Way be listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ancient Roman road, built over 2,300 years ago, runs through four Italian regions, linking Rome with Brindisi on the Adriatic coast.

The first 16 kms leading outside Rome are well known to tourists who walk along it to visit the Christian catacombs and admire the many ruined Roman tombs and monuments. This section is encompassed in the Appia Antica Park and can only be visited on foot or by bicycle. However, there are many other surviving tracts of the road that deserve to be better known.

UNESCO recognition would mean extensive requalification work to be carried out on the entire length of the road, including the uncovering of additional tracts, signposting and the possible opening of hostels to accommodate trekkers and excursionists along the route.



Posted on 12 Nov 2015 by Editor
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