Il Sole 24Ore”, Italy's most prestigious financial newspaper, has published its 2021 review on the quality of life in the various Italian regions, according to the services available for three categories: the Elderly, Young People and Children.

In all three cases, the smaller provincial cities win out over the major cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples which all lost points during the current Coronavirus epidemic.

If you are a Senior, the best place to live in is apparently Trento, followed by Ravenna, Bolzano, Aosta and Bologna.

Young people are best catered for in Ravenna, Ferrara, Forte-Cesena, Vercelli and Piacenza, while families with young children would be well to look for a house in Cagliari, Udine, Oristano, Gorizia and (again) Aosta, which all offer good childcare facilities for harassed Mums and Dads.

Factors taken into account include disposable income, job possibilities, available housing and rents, pension levels, public transport and services and the environment.



Posted on 11 Jul 2021 by Editor
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