Risultati immagini per castello di polpenazze


The historic Castle of Polpenazze del Garda (Bs) stages its annual Biofesta, one of the Lombardy region's most important festivals dedicated to organic produce, on the 3-6 August 2018.

Posted on 29 Jul 2018 by Editor

Risultati immagini per BE ITALY WITH ENIT

Italy came out tops as the most attractive tourist destination in the world, according to the latest poll commissioned by the Italian National Tourist Authority (ENIT) in 18 different countries, citing Italian quality of life, ingenuity and creativity.

The survey, carried out by the international research institute IPSOS, put Italy in the leading position as "the destination the majority of people would choose as a prize for a holiday abroad."

Posted on 23 Jul 2018 by Editor



The Foundation Carla Fendi, the principal partner of the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, brought an exclusive touch to the Festival closing ceremony by assigning the Foundation's Prize for Science to 2013 Nobel Prize winners Peter Higgs and Francois Englert and to the Director General of the CERN Institute (European Centre for Nucleur Research) Fabiola Gianotti, for their contributions in the field of physics.

Posted on 20 Jul 2018 by Editor

 Risultati immagini per dadi romani scoperte nel colosseo 2018

A new exploratory dig just outside the Colosseum perimeter turned up an unexpected cache. Archaeologists found over two hundred Roman coins dating from the 5th century DC along with a large number of perfectly preserved bronze dice.



Posted on 16 Jul 2018 by Editor


The Italian post office has issued a commemorative stamp, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development, in honour of Carpenè-Malvolti, the founder of Prosecco, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.


Posted on 12 Jul 2018 by Editor

 Â  Risultati immagini per minotauro spoleto

The annual Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, known for its avant-guard performances and ground-breaking presentations, has fulfilled expectations again this year with a new operatic hit – The Minotaur by Roman composer Silvia Colasanti.

Posted on 08 Jul 2018 by Editor

 Risultati immagini per PIEDILUCO FESTIVAL OF WATER    



Piediluco (Terni, Umbria) greets the advent of summer with a week-long annual Festival centred on its lake. The opening evening, on the 30th June, was ushered in with the traditional solstice bonfire, accompanied by the historic night-time procession of boats decorated with flowers and garlands.

The people of the lake will be celebrating the new season all this week with music, dancing and feasting on the shore.

The Festival of Water lasts until the 8 July.


Info:www.festadelleacque.it -  proloco.info@gmail.com



Posted on 04 Jul 2018 by Editor

Risultati immagini per prosciutto toscano dop

One of Italy's most acclaimed gastronomic delicacies, Prosciutto Toscano DOP, travels from Tuscany to New York this weekend (30 June-2 July 2018) to participate in the prestigious Fancy Food Show at the NY Javits Centre. This is the latest appointment in an energetic international promotional drive that has seen the Consortium in London (EAT Europe's Art of Taste) last November and Montreal, Canada, for SIAL Speciality Food Fair in June 2018.



Posted on 29 Jun 2018 by Editor



If you are banking on living for over a century, Italy would appear to be the best place in Europe to reach the venerable status of Supercentenarian. According to the Italian National Statistics Institute ISTAT, there are currently 17,630 centenarians in the country, six of whom are verified as living supercentenarians – the title given to those who have topped their  110th birthday.









Posted on 27 Jun 2018 by Editor

Risultati immagini per mantegna resurrezione

A scoop for the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo (Lombardy): the Mantegna Resurrection in their collection, hitherto believed to be a copy, has now been declared the original work of the great  renaissance master, Andrea Mantegna.



Posted on 24 Jun 2018 by Editor

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