Il Gran Ballo delle debuttanti della Nunziatella sabato a Castel ... 

Italy has its own version of the celebrated butantes Balls of Vienna, with young girls in white being whirled round the floor by partners in tails. The balls are nostalgic re-enactments of the gracious age of 19th century Austria, which dominated Middle European culture for much of the century following the defeat of Napoleon and are held in Italy's most prestigious palaces.





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Cantine aperte: visite, pranzi e cene in tutto il Lazio - Roma



Twelve major wine cellars of Rome, Frosinone and Latina throw open their doors on Sunday, 10th November 2013 for the San Martino Cantine Aperte event. Anyone is welcome to come, taste and admire the results of the recent grape harvest.


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Meteo a Torino, in città arriva la pioggia: precipitazioni ...

This weekend (8-10 November 2013) Turin again hosts Artissima, its annual fair of contemporary art, considered the world's fifth most important appointment in its field. The exposition area, set out in the seat of the Oval Lingotto skating rink, will present the best of 190 galleries, 130 of which from abroad, including countries such as Albania, Azerbaigian, the Arab Emirates and the Philipines, which are participating for the first time.

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 By a coincidence, two major exhibitions on at present in Rome highlight two of the most important figures who dominated the scene of late republican Rome at the end of the first century BC. The Scuderie del Quirinale are hosting Augustus, the first Roman emperor, hile the Chiostro del Bramante reveals Cleopatra, Rome and the Enchantment of Egypt, the Egyptian queen who committed suicide in 30 BC to avoid the humiliation of being paraded through Rome in Octavian Augustus' Triumph after she and her lover Mark Anthony were defeated by the Roman army.


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Clementine Gallery III

Museo Profano, veduta generale

After a long restoration, begun in 2005, the precious Profane collection in the Galleria Clementina of the Vatican museums is now once more open to the public. The original collection, inaugurated in 1767 by Pope Clement XIII, was broken up by Napoleon during the invasion of the papal states in 1798.


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Grana Padano D.O.P.


For the fifth year running, the Grana Padana DOC Consortium will be one of the sponsors at the New York Marathon of the 3rd November 2013. Between the 29th October - 2nd November, Italy's famous cheese will be available for tastings at the ING New York City Marathon Expo and in some of the best gourmet stores in the Big Apple.



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A new sightť for visitors to Venice. According to reports received by the Natural History Museum and the City of Venice Observatory of the Lagoon, flying fish have now taken up residence in the surrounding waters, including the unlikely habitat of the industrial canals of Marghera and the Canal Salso at Mestre.


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 Carpfishing Lago Di Nemi

Lake Nemi near Rome and the ruins of the Roman Temple of Diana were the unusual setting for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday, 20th October 2013.

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La cittďż˝ di Trento (foto di Laura Bisoffi)

The city of Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige) has been voted the best regional capital for quality of life by the Milan-based  ASSIRM (Association of Market Research Study Centre) with the cooperation of the Milanese Bicocca University. The study is part of an initiative to analyse the standards of life and levels of satisfaction in the various Italian regional capitals in preparation for Expo 2015, scheduled to be held in Milan.



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Infiorata di Genzano di Roma 2018: fissate le date al 9, 10 e 11 ...

The small town of Genzano, near Rome, celebrated for its annual Corpus Domini Flower Festival, is to set up a programme of cultural exchanges with the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, inspired by the writings of Michael Ende, author of Momo and The Never-Ending Story.

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