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Lake Scanno, in the heart of the Abruzzo mountains (L'Aquila) and bordering on the Abruzzo National Park and nature reserve, has entered the list of Italy's favourite romantic spots. Previously little known, except to Nature lovers and excursionists, the lake has now become celebrated for its heart-shaped form, making it a perfect background for wedding photos.

The ideal viewing point is from the Frattura Nuova belvedere, which can only be reached on foot.

The area has been famous since medieval times for miracles and unexplained apparitions. Legends speak of Madama Angiolina, the sorceress who trapped the wizard Pietro Bailardo, forcing him to hang suspended between heaven and earth until the Devil came to his rescue.

The picturesque Church of the Assumption of Mary, more popularly known as “Our Lady of the Lake” was built in 1702 after the discovery of a sacred image of the Madonna. Unfortunately the icon stolen in 1979 and never recovered, but it has been replaced by an exact replica made by a local artist. The sanctuary is another favourite photographers' subject. It sits right on the water's edge, its reflection mirrored in the lake.


Info: Tel. Scanno Tourist Information: Tel. +39.0864.747121 www.comune.scanno.aq.it


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27 Oct 2019