The prestigious Enoteca Italia of Siena combines wine, Etruscan lore and romance for a unique St. Valentine celebration while the Wine Gallery hosts the exhibition: “Vino tra Mito e Storia” (“Wine between Myth and History”) with some 100 Etruscan antiquities displayed.

A romantic candlelit dinner for couples is available in the evening, enhanced with the reading of love poems. The dinner too is special. The menu is based on ancient Roman recipes, served with Muslum (honeyed wine). Dishes planned include Patina urticarum calida (warm flan with nettles), Usculum hordei (barley soup with toasted bread and sausage), Porcellus lactans cum foeniculo (roast suckling pig with wild fennel9, Offa herbarum calida (baked vegetable pie) and lastly, for dessert Libum Oplontis cum cogulo (Oplontis cassata with ricotta cheese). Accompanying (modern) wines will be chosen by the Enoteca’s sommeliers from the Gallery’s 1,600 labels.

A follow-up has been organized on the 16 February at the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena, where wine tasting will be offered by the Consortium of Montescudaio DOC Wines, accompanied by guided visits to see the precious Etruscan Montescudaio Funeral Urn and the “Etrusco Simposio” exhibition,

Info:         Tel. (0039)0577.228843

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13 Feb 2013