Risultati immagini per Federico secondo

On the 26th December 1194, Federico II Hohenstaufen, future king of Germany, Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor, was born inside a tent erected on the main square of Jesi. His mother, Constance of Altavilla, wanted to be sure that there would be no doubts that the baby was indeed her son, since she was considered to be no longer of childbearing age. Federico grew up and became one of the most enlightened monarchs of the Middle Ages, an intellectual and patron of the sciences and the arts, as well as a  skilled politician and commander. The vast sphere of his interests and influence won him the old Roman title of Stupor Mundi (Marvel of the World or, as we might say: Wonder Man) among his contemporaries. His imprint remains in many areas of Palermo, as well as the mysterious and much-visited eight-sided Castel del Monti in Puglia.

His life story and achievements are recorded in the new museum “Federico II Stupor Mundi” in Jesi (Marche), recently opened in the Ghislieri Palace, situated on the very square where he was born and which is now named after him.



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14 Sep 2017