Risultati immagini per pizza napoletana unesco


Neapolitan pizza, one of Italy's most popular culinary inventions, is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The vote, held on the island of Jeju in South Korea, was unanimous. The verdict, however, was not motivated purely by the pizza itself, but by the rituals followed by the traditional pizzaioli (pizza makers) their ability in manipulating the dough, their gestures, songs, dialect and  interchange with customers before the pizza oven, which transform the consumption of a pizza into a social and cultural occasion.

Italy has around 63,000 pizzerie, turning out 5 million pizzas per day. The sector employs 100,000 permanent employees, and an extra 50,000 at weekends, when the demand escalates. Italians eat 7.6 kgs per head every year second only to the Americans who consume almost double that amount.

When the news arrived, the city of Naples reacted with typical exuberance and enthusiasm, with Naples pizzaioli offering free pizzas to all passers-by.

The UNESCO recognition is important to Naples and Italy because many countries, especially in the Far East, are convinced quite erroneously - that the pizza is an American invention.


Info: www.pizzanapolitana.org

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13 Dec 2017