Risultati immagini per cervia presepe di sale

 A couple of Italy's most unusual and spectacular Christmas Nativity scenes are on display at the salt city of Cervia (Ravenna Romagna). Cervia, with its traditional salt mines (now a natural reserve) and its well documented Salt Museum, creates its traditional Crib with its local product. The carefully preserved historic salt sculptures, created by local artist Agostino Finchi in 1992, are on display  in the Salt Museum MUSA, alongside a second Nativity scene reproducing a typical reed cabin once used by the salt gatherers, with terracotta figures.

The canal and port of Cervia, instead, displays the “Nativity on Water”, set up on a typical punt once used to transport salt. The life-size Crib figures are grouped against a background of three salt pyramids that rise out of the water.

The scenes are animated by audio-visual projections with plays of colours, lights and music.


Info: Tel. +39.0544.974400   www.turismo.comunecervia.it   


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16 Dec 2017