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Russian fashion comes to Rome on the 23 February 2019 when the Maisons "made in Russia" of Elena Schwabauer and Ninel Novikova will present their creations during the first Miss Russia and C.S.I. (Commonwealth of Independent States) beauty contest organized by the Cultural Association "Amici della Grande Russia, Eventi Roma" (Friends of Russia) and the O.M.P.S.E.C.O. (the International Institute of Oriental Culture).

The event, entitled "From Russia with Art, Music and Beauty", aims to unite women under the arts in the Russian-speaking countries, as well as promoting the "Stop Violence against Women" campaign.

The programme includes the art exhibition "The Mystery and Woman" by sculptress Liza Atzori, a recital by the soprano Elena  Martemianova and the beauty contest organized by journalist Yulia Bazarova. The three finalists will wear creations in the colours of the Russian flag, designed by the Italian fashion house of Vittoria Torlonia.

The initiative is part of the EXPO UNIVERSALE, sponsored by the Italo-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Rome Town Council, CONI (the Italian sports federation), the British Embassy in Rome, the World Cultural Institute and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.


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23 Feb 2019