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A unique opportunity to view Mario Schifano's cycle of "The Etruscans" surrounded by the ancient works of art of that lost people! The Villa Giulia Etruscan Museum (Rome) is holding a special exhibition  to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of the celebrated Italian contemporary artist.

Mario Schifano worked in the museum as a restorer between 1951 and 1962 so the Museum tribute is particularly appropriate.

Twenty-one paintings of Schifano's cycle of "The Etruscans" can be viewed in the Room of the Seven Hills along with a selection of the vases and tomb painting reproductions that inspired him. The nearby Venus Room contains his "Mater Matuta" cycle of three paintings and 2 drawings inspired by ancient sculptures of the Great Mother goddess, dated 1995.

The exhibition "EtruSchifano. Mario Schifano a Villa Giulia: Un Ritorno"  runs until the 10th March 2019 and can also be visited in the evening (19.30-22.15)


Info: Tel: +39.06.3219698   

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27 Feb 2019