Risultati immagini per pompei regio V

The new excavations in the hitherto unexplored Regio V area of Pompeii continue to bring to light unexpected discoveries. After the as-yet-unresolved mystery of the true date of the eruption, then the remains of a commander's horses, archaeologists have now uncovered a Thermopolium (snack bar serving hot food) complete with a frescoed counter, decorated on one side with a sea nymph and horses and on the other side an array of the amphorae that contained the food and drinks on offer.

The latest discovery comes just over a month since two splendid frescos - one of Leda and the Swan and the other of the mythical Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection - were found in the remains of a luxurious Roman villa during the new dig.

Doubts were cast on the true date of the disaster when the day corresponding to the 17th October 79 AD was found scribbled with charcoal on the wall of a buried domus in the Regio V. Pliny the Younger had sustained a date of two months previously - August 24th. The mystery has not been definitely solved.  

In May 2018, the remains of three horses were found in what had been the stable of a luxury villa just outside the city walls. One of the horses had been saddled up with a bronze-plated military saddle,  probably in preparation to carry his master to safety.

The 22 hectare area denominated Regio V has not been excavated before. The new explorations are part of the Grande Progetto Pompei, financed by the European Union.


Info: www.pomeiisites.org/en/-  www.beniculturali.it  


Posted on 14 Apr 2019 by Editor
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