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The Associazione Rotta di Enea (On the Track of Aeneas) is stirring up renewed interest in Virgil's Eneide with a trans-Mediterranean trek that traces the mythical journey of the Trojan hero, alleged forefather of the Romans.

With a new twist on the recently instituted ancient pilgrim's route,Via Francigena, and the Routes of St. Benedict and St. Francis of Assisi, the Aeneas route traverses sea and borders, starting naturally at the site of Troy, in Turkey, then touching on Tunisia, Albania and the Greek islands mentioned in the poem and ends finally in Italy, at the ancient site of Lavinium on the Lazio coast, where the hero finally settles. The journey will take the form principally of a sea voyage with guided tours at the various archaeological sites on route.

The Associazione Rotta di Enea aims to have the route officially certified by the EU as a "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe"


Info: Tel. +39.06.6876608 


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06 May 2019