Risultati immagini per Ausonia & Hungaria

The historic 1907 art nouveau Ausonia & Hungaria Hotel at the Venice Lido, after a vast two-year restoration and upgrading operation, is now set to be one of the sights of Venice. Already striking, with its facade decorated with polychrome ceramic tiles of typical Liberty-style figurines, its eastern front has now had a facelift that is destined to become the talk of the Lido.

As part of the upgrading process, hotel owner Teodoro Russo commissioned 90 year-old British pop artist Joe Tilson to create a wall of additional embellishments on the hotel's eastern side. The result is a mouth-opening mosaic of coloured tiles in Murano glass. The 3,358 tiles cover a total surface of 400 sqm. and is believed to be the largest ever existing work in glass.

The Ausonia & Hungaria will now take its place beside the celebrated 5-star Excelsior as a favourite destination for luxury-seeking tourists, as well as participants in the annual International Venice Film Festival and the prestigious Venice Art Biennial, currently running until the 24th November 2019.


Info: Tel. +39.041.2420060


Posted on 26 May 2019 by Editor
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