Risultati immagini per il rapimento di elena di nicola da urbino

An exceptional collection of historic maiolican art is on display in the Palazzo Madama Civic Museum of Ancient Art, Turin, until the 14 October 2019. Italy of the Renaissance. The Splendour of Maiolica shows rare '400-'500 pieces from celebrated Italian ceramic manufacturers, such as Deruta, Faenza, Urbino, Gubbio, Venice, Castelli and Turin, with emphasis on the decorative work by artists like Nicola da Urbino and Francesco Xanto Avelli.

Among the masterpieces in the exhibition are a pair of albarelli (chemist's jars) by Domenigo da Venezia, a large rinfrescatoio (cooler) by Urbino and the Medici porcelain jug, from the Palazzo Madama collection itself – a unique example of the first European attempts to create Chinese porcelain.

The istoriato decorations (the portrayal of mythological, religious or historical themes), developed towards the end of the '400, was a unique distinguishing feature of the Italian maiolica production.

The exhibition is curated by Cristina Maritano, conservator of the decorative arts department of Palazzo Madama, with art historian Timothy Wilson, honorary conservator of the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, UK, and one of the world's leading experts on Renaissance maiolica.


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Posted on 23 Jun 2019 by Editor
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