Risultati immagini per SALUZZO WELCOMES SUMMER

The charming alpine town of Saluzzo (Cuneo, Piedmont) has launched a season-long programme of events to attract visitors throughout the summer. The six weekends of the OCCIT'AMO Festival (5 July-15 August 2019) focus on music, local culture and traditions, in the shadow of the pyramid-shaped Monviso, known as Stone Mountain and the highest peak of the Cottian Alps on the Italian-French border.

Excursions in the surrounding Occitane Valleys take in castles, historic houses, medieval churches and spectacular mountain treks.

Saluzzo, listed among Italy's most beautiful borghi, is the ancient capital of the area, with a strategic position at the entrance to the Po Valley.

Its unique gastronomic products include the Saluzzo White Hen (a Slow Food protected product), Castelmagno and Toma d'Elva cheeses and various varieties of fruit.


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Posted on 27 Jun 2019 by Editor
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