Risultati immagini per the north SCOTTISH SHEEP

An ancient and very rare breed of Scottish sheep has joined the Slow Food protected list. The North Ronaldsay Sheep, which lives wild on the Orkney island of Ronaldsay, feeds on seaweed, giving its meat a unique spicy and gamey flavour. Nicknamed Seaweed Sheep, the breed is considered to be among the oldest and rarest in the world, dating back 8,000 years, according to DNA tests carried out on old bones found in the area. Farmed exclusively by local crofters on the island, the breed is dwindling in numbers, due to the drop in the farming population and the difficulties accessing world markets from an isolated area situated in the far north of Europe.At the moment, the breed counts 12 producers dedicated to preserving island heritage and the traditional crofting system.The North Ronaldsay Sheep is Scotland's first Slow Food Presidium project. The Slow Food organization supports quality food production at risk of extinction and protects unique regions and ecosystems, with over a million activists, chefs, farmers, fishers, academics and conservationists in over 160 countries.


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Posted on 05 Jul 2019 by Editor
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