Risultati immagini per vesuvio quotidiano vesuvio universale

When the Certosa of San Martino Museum, Naples, opened its special exhibition of classic and contemporary art centered on the theme of volcanos, no-one could have foretold that the spectacular eruptions of Stromboli, in Sicily, would make front page news just over a month later.

The exhibition, “Vesuvio quotidiano Vesuvio universale” which runs until the 27th September 2019, gathers a unique collection of 100 paintings and maps dating from the 16th century till the present day, contains works by artists and scientists like Athanasius Kircher, Giuseppe De Nittis, Pier Jacques Volaire, Pietro Fabris, Andy Warhol, Alberto Burri, Anselm Kiefer and many others, as well as a photographic section of dramatic images of volcanos in full play.

The reliquary bust of S. Emidio, the protector against earthquakes, gives a meaningful touch to Micco Spadaro's “Eruption of Vesuvius”, which depicts a sacred image being carried in procession to halt the lava flow something that actually happened in this case.  Of special interest are the three illustrations from the book “Campi Phlegraei: observations on the volcanos of the Two Sicilies” by Sir William Hamilton, the British government's special envoy to the kingdom of Naples during the Napoleonic wars, a connoisseur of art and antiquities, but, alas, best known for the relationship his wife, Lady Hamilton, had with Horatio Nelson.


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02 Sep 2019