Risultati immagini per PHILOSOPHY FESTIVAL MODENA A HIT

Participant figures of this year's version of the festivalfilosofia centred in Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo, confirmed the increasing popularity of this unusual and thought-provoking event. Over 200,000 visitors attended the three-day festival, up on last year's figures.

The packed programme of over 200 events, included lectures by eminent philosophers, writers and thinkers, a creative programme, a kids' programme and even “philosophic dinners”, spread over 40 different venues in the three cities involved and marked the 19th edition of this “festival with a difference”.

Next year's theme will centre on “Machines” and the relationship between human and artificial intelligence, according to Festival director Daniele Francesconi who announced it as “the big question of our time”. Programmed for the 18th - 20th September 2020.


Info: Tel. +39.059 2033382

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04 Oct 2019