Risultati immagini per L'agro del kiwi

New gastronomic products are launched regularly by many Italian food producers, experimenting with time-honoured ingredients to renew the made-in-Italy market. One of the most interesting and successful novelties is kiwi vinegar, created from the fruit of what was originally called the Chinese gooseberry. The climate of Lazio province favours the cultivation of kiwi trees and extensive plantations can be seen, especially in the Latina countryside south of Rome, where production accounts for over 30% of the total national output. The kiwi growing farm, L'Agro di Kiwi, a family business, after twenty years of experimentation, has now launched its exclusive vinegars, gourmet products that are refined in glass containers and oak casks for two or three years to bring them to maturity.



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Posted on 08 Oct 2019 by Editor
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