Risultati immagini per animali selvaggi in cittŕ italia

The invasion of what were once wild forest and mountain animals has become increasingly worrying for Italian citizens. It is no longer unusual to find families of wild boar rooting among the rubbish bins in Rome, or bears raiding apple orchards in villages in Abruzzo. Operations to save endangered species, launched some years ago, have proved almost too successful. The wolf has returned to the mountains of central and northern Italy and has been spotted a short distance from the Tower of Pisa and in the IKEA parking lot at Gorizia on the Slovenian border. The Italian State Forestry Corps reports sightings of animals that had disappeared from the Italian countryside for generations, such as otters, beavers, wild cats and golden jackals. Unfortunately, these intruders cause problems. Wolves and bears attack livestock and beavers block streams. The greater part of the human population, however, is fascinated by the newcomers. The various bears have been given names, like Papillon, Gemma, Vip, Peppina and Giacomina, and the bolder bears do not hesitate to enter the tourist towns of the National Park of Abruzzo and amble down the streets looking for tasty treats carelessly left by visitors. In Rome, however, wild boars have become a real problem as they have been known to attack if they feel threatened and at present a culling programme is being discussed. This delights hunters, who have seen their activities drastically curtailed over the last twenty years or so, but encounters the fierce opposition of animal welfare and conservation groups. The debate is likely to continue.....



Posted on 15 Oct 2019 by Editor
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