Risultati immagini per il messaggero e gladiatori

The ancient buried city of Pompeii continues to yield surprises thanks to a renewed excavation campaign in Regio 5, an area of the city that has not been previously explored. Latest find is a well preserved fresco of a gladiators' combat in a building that archaeologists believe was an inn or club for the combatants destined to kill each other in the arena. The fresco is particularly realistic, showing every detail of the dress and weapons of the two fighters, as well as their wounds and the blood trickling down their bodies. This find follows the sensational discovery of the sensuous fresco of Leda and the Swan, discovered last November and the exceptional cache of the tools of trade of a sorceress, including amulets, amber beads, pins, rings, Egyptian scarabs, teeth and other mysterious objects, which came to light this summer. Pompeii attracts over 2 million visitors per year and the number is constantly rising. 



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Posted on 19 Oct 2019 by Editor
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