Risultati immagini per la casa del bicentenario ercolano

The Herculaneum Conservation Project is entering its final stages with the creation of the Via Mare (the Sea Road) initiative which will connect the archaeological park with the heart of the modern city. The ancient Roman theatre and the Forum, which still lie buried underground, are at present outside the perimeter of the archeological site. The new project involves the extension of the present area and the conversion of part of the Via Mare street into a green area and belvedere overlooking the excavations of the city that was destroyed along with Pompeii in the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The Herculaneum Conservation Project was launched in 2006 with the support of the American philanthropist David W. Packard and the local authorities, and amplified in 2014. The latest success of the agreement has been the re-opeing of the magnificent three-storeyed House of the Bicentenary (so called because it was re-discovered in 1938, exactly two hundred years after the first excavations carried out by the Bourbon monarchs of Naples. The House had been closed for thirty years due to the risk of serious deterioration, which new conservation techniques have now been able to rectify. 



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