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The Museum of the Treasure of St. Janarius (San Gennaro) in Naples has added a new dimension to the visitor experience with a multi-medial guide narrated by celebrated Italo-French art historian Philippe Daverio. Daverio, well-known for his appearances in cultural TV programmes, recounts the splendours of the unique collection of devotional gifts, hailed as the world's richest cache of gold, silver and precious stones. The value of the San Gennaro treasure is calculated as exceeding that of the royal collections of the House of Windsor (UK) and that of the Romanovs (Russia). It includes the amazing bishop's mitre, dating from 1713 and studded with 3,328 diamonds, 198 emeralds and 168 rubies, as well as the Collare (collar or necklace),a massive jewel, composed of 16 additional parts, donated by kings, queens and heads of state over the last three-and-a-half centuries, in addition to 70 silver busts and other priceless objects dating from 1305 onwards. The collection is also a tribute to Neapolitan art and craftsmanship. The saint's relics, with the ampoules alleged to contain his blood, are kept instead in the adjacent Duomo. Three times a year, the Neapolitans gather anxiously inside the church to witness the miracle of liquefaction, which assures them of the saint's continued protection. 




Posted on 14 Dec 2019 by Editor
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