Risultato immagine per ascoli piceno bar meletti 

Meletti, the exclusive liqueur of Ascoli Piceno (Marche) chalks up its 150th birthday this year. Created by Silvio Meletti in 1870 using a time-honoured distillation process based on aniseed and other aromatic herbs that had been handed down through his family for generations, it continues to be produced in its traditional form. Anisetta Meletti was an instant success, thanks also to a clever and – for the time – revolutionary promotional campaign with posters and billboards designed by celebrated commercial artists like Marcello Dudovich, who created a celebrated image of a ballerina posing with a bottle of the company brand. Many of the posters commissioned by Silvio Meletti from various leading artists of the day, like Pericoli, Marchetti, Mingozzi and Muggiani, are considered authentic works of art. In his hometown, Silvio Meletti opened his own coffee bar and tearoom in 1907 on a corner of Piazza del Popolo, a main square of Ascoli Piceno. The Caffé Meletti was considered a masterpiece of refinement and elegance in pure Liberty style, and became the town's favourite social hub, a role that it continues to fulfil today. The Meletti distillery now exports all over the world, but continues to be a family-run business, carried forward by the founder's descendants. 



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Posted on 09 Mar 2020 by Editor
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