All over the Italian peninsula, people are confined to home to avoid spreading further infection. How do they cope without the customary daily passeggiata, the gathering of friends for Happy Hours in cafes and pubs, the convivial evenings in pizzerie and restaurants? Answer: they get together to sing, obviously keeping the prescribed distance. Yesterday evening, answering a call that flashed round the web, the balconies of blocks of flats filled with families shouting greetings and messages of encouragement across the streets and squares and singing in chorus. Others joined in behind closed shutters. The most popular song was the Italian national anthem, followed by evergreen favourites like and (in Naples) O Sole, as well as more modern Italian pop songs. At mid-day today, there will be another get together, this time Italians from their windows and balconies will put their hands together to show their appreciation for the tireless efforts of all the doctors and nurses in the Italian National Health service, working full out to cope with the epidemic.

Posted on 14 Mar 2020 by Editor
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