ROSE WINES IN THE PINK ! @ 07 Jul 2014

Ros� used to be the Cinderella of the wine world, relegated to the back shelves of specialist shops and dismissed by connoisseurs as a kind of by-product, not much worthy of interest. But all that has changed fast since Hollywood star Brad Pitt launched his Chateau Miraval ros� produced by his estate in Provence, France, winning accolades from the prestigious “Wine Spectator” magazine. Italian ros� vintners have not been slow to pick up the gauntlet, emphasizing their long tradition and the excellence of their products.

Madre Natura Rose Brut, from Roero, Piedmont from the celebrated Langhe zone dominated the party recently organized by the area to celebrate its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list, while other ros�s are bursting out from retirement in regions such as Abruzzo, Veneto, Apulia, Tuscany and Sicily, offering alternatives to the classic whites and reds.

The Sicilian Donnafugata winery launched Lumera at the BereRose 2014 event organized in Rome to celebrate the beginning of summer. The delicate label featuring a woman's head with her hair full of flowers, rather in the manner of Botticelli's Primavera, should not, however, mislead imbibers into thinking this is a light drink. At 12.3% proof it packs a punch as well as any Super Tuscan!


Info: (Azienda AgricolaTeo Costa � Castellinaldo)




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