A series of guided excursions to discover one of Italy's little known natural treasures are now available at Grottaglie (Taranto, Puglia).

The Gravine di Grottaglie is a natural area of rocky cliffs, deep canyons, cascading waterfalls and hidden lakes, more or less unknown in the outside world. The Grott'Art Association is now organizing walking tours with qualified guides through the labyrinthine grottos and corridors that reveal surprises like primitive rock churches hollowed out of the soft limestone, ancient cave dwellings and store rooms, clumps of olive groves and crypts.

The three principal tours take in the Lama di Pensieri, with Byzantine-inspired paintings in the Church of San Biagio, the Gravina del Fullonese, named after a small Jewish community that took refuge from persecution here in the 10th century, and the pine wooded Gravina di Fantiano, where the people of Grottaglie lived during the Middle Ages, complete with hollowed-out stairways and terraces linking the dwellings, and an outdoor theatre.

Grottaglie is arguably the most important ceramic city in the world with its unique craftsmen quarter where fifty different pottery craftworks are grouped.

The three-hour tours take place every Saturday and Sunday morning. Maximum 20 people per group. Tastings of local products are included.

Info: Tel. +39.0995623866

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