Cosa fare a Civita di Bagnoregio, il “paese che muore” | SiViaggia

The ancient clifftop town of Civita da Bagnoregio, situated on the Lazio-Umbria border and reached only by a stone footbridge across the valley, has long been a favourite subject for artists and writers. Regrettably, the medieval town has long been at risk due to the fragile state of the rocks it rests on. Virtually disinhabited in the course of last century, the town now has only ten permanent residents, who are, however, determined to keep it alive with various cultural activities.


The most recent initiative has been the inauguration of a new museum - the Museo Geologico e delle Frane (Geological and Landslide Museum), dedicated to former director of the Civita Association, Gianfranco Imperatori, who died three years ago. Imperatori was the founder and promoter of the Association, born in 1987, dedicated to the exploration of innovative technological methods aimed at the conservation and valorization of this unique cultural site, which attracts hundreds of international visitors every year.

So far, the town has managed to avoid sliding into the valley. Recent operations to reinforce the foundations and bearing rocks have been successful in preventing ulterior deterioration and structural damage.

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