After almost a century of neglect, the Futurism Art movement, which flourished during the early years of the nineteen hundreds, is enjoying a tardive revival.

The Futurism Movement was founded in Italy in 1909 by editor, poet and artist Filippo Tommaso Martinelli. It embraced progress and innovation, especially in the mechanical and industrial fields. Many of the Futurists were obsessed with the scientific discoveries that characterized the age. They rejected history studies and the art of the past and preferred subjects like motor cars, trains, aeroplanes and skyscraper city-scapes.

The Movement fell into disfavour because of its association with Fascism. Its use of bright primary colours and bold, dynamic forms has had, nonetheless, an enormous impact on modern design, graphic art, advertising, films and video games.

This autumn several exhibitions are dedicated to Futurist artists and trends: Matera (Basilicata) is holding an important show until the 10th January 2024 where it explores the contribution of the Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy) artists to the Movement.

Treviso (Veneto) offers two exhibitions under the title: “Futurism on Paper” with “Avant-guard Forms” running till the 25th February 2024, followed by “Imagine the Universe with the art of Publicity”, on from 1st March till 30th June 2024. The exhibition “Umberto Boccioni prima del Futurismo” at the Villa Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma, Emilio Romagna) until the 10th December 2023) explores the art of the painter and sculptor Boccioni whose images and distorted anatomical forms were an important inspiration for the avant-guard Futurist Movement.

Meanwhile in Milan until the 2nd December visitors can make close acquaintance with “Aeropittura Futurista”, a later movement of Futurism that focussed on flight and aerial landscapes.

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