or 10 ways to pass for an Italian

(when eating or drinking)

              Never drink cappuccino after 11am; from then on its a tiny hit of espresso, which you must call simply caffè˝

  Never eat  or order  pizza for lunch; the pizza ovens arent fired up until the evening

  If youve had good service leave a little change over and above the service charge

 If youre hungry but cant afford a meal settle for an aperitivo; it usually comes with plentiful nuts and olives. At Happy Hour

 in the posher caffès you will often get a selection of snacks with your drink for no extra charge

  Off alcohol? Order a crodino,  a herbal drink which makes a refreshing, non-alcoholic aperitivo

  Dont expect English soup if you ask for zuppa inglese. It is dessert  and a rich trifle

  Breakfast inside, standing at the bar, on caffè and cornetto (croissant and sweet pastry with different fillings). In the morning pavement seats and

 tables are for tourists

  Learn a few of the names of the lesser known pasta shapes. There are about 656 of them. Most non-Italians know spaghetti, tagliatelle,

 fettuccin linguine or fusilli. But what about orecchiette, which means little ears, vermicelli (little worms) or strozzapreti  (literally: priest stranglers)

  Never ask for a sprinkling of parmigiano on a seafood pasta dish

  Celebrate spring with a traditional plate of fave con pecorino with raw fresh broad beans eaten with hard cheese made from ewe mil.

 (Julia Davidson)

Posted on 28 Jun 2008 by Editor


La Reggia di Caserta: storia, orari, prezzi, come arrivare

A week-end package at a bargain price offering visitors a special opportunity to tour the palace of Caserta near Naples (considered one of Europe most magnificent royal residences) in floodlit splendour, is available up till October.

Posted on 26 Jun 2008 by Editor


Bob WIlson – Digital Performance

The 51st edition of the Festival of Two Worlds at Spoleto, Umbria now re.named the Spoleto Festival International  kicks off with a lavish production of the ballet-opera Padmavati by S.L. Bhansali on the 27th June and closes on the 13 th July with the traditional concert in the Piazza del Duomo.

Posted on 23 Jun 2008 by Editor

File:Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building.JPG ...



 On the 20 th and 21 st June, the Italian Ministry of Culture opens its State Archives in various regions for a series of concerts and exhibitions of rare music scores, documents, photographs and historic instruments, as part of the European Festival of Music 2008.

For details: www.beniculturali.it/sala/dettaglio-comunicato  


Posted on 19 Jun 2008 by Editor

Villa Dragonetti, Paganica | Offerte Agoda




A former residence of the noble Dragonetti family, this country house hotel near L'Aquila, Abruzzo, and the Gran Sasso National Park......

Posted on 16 Jun 2008 by Editor

Vessel details for: TORTUGA V (Passenger/Cargo Ship) - IMO 8870970 ...


Every Saturday until the 26th July, the sailing boat Tortuga takes visitors on a fascinating historical day trip along the coast of the Bay of Naples.

Posted on 12 Jun 2008 by Editor


 Genzano Flower Festival | Festivals in the World

The week-long annual Infiorata (Flower Festival) is in full swing at Genzano, one of the Castelli Romani hill towns near Rome.

Posted on 10 Jun 2008 by Editor



Mercatino di Natale Bolzano, Sito Ufficiale Mercatino di Natale ...


On Sunday, 29th June, the town of Bolzano in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, celebrates the centenary of the Colle (or Kohlern) cable car, inaugurated on the 29th June 1908. The Colle cable car is the oldest in the world by a month. Switzerland, in fact, completed the Wetterhorn-Aufzug cable car of the worlds number 2  on the 27th July 1908. The Colle cable car has been completely renovated and is now equipped with gondolas for 20 passengers. An attractive programme of musical, folkloristic and gastronomic events will mark the event.

For information: Azienda di Soggiorno e Turismo, Bolzano:

Tel. 0039 (0) 471/307000

www.bolzano-bozen.it  info@bolzano-bozen.it

Posted on 08 Jun 2008 by Editor

Avio-Eli superficie di Ponte Galeria - Aviation Works International

Archaeologists have announced that they have discovered the tombs of some 270 ancient Roman workers at a site in the Ponte Galeria area south of Rome.

Posted on 03 Jun 2008 by Editor


Catania: cinque piccole curiosità sulla bella città siciliana!

The seaside resorts on the Catania coast in Sicily have launched a summer programme of sunset-to-dawn entertainment to attract fun-seeking night owls, including dancing by moonlight and beachfront sunrise breakfasts.


Posted on 01 Jun 2008 by Editor

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