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Italyupdate.it is the first English language online news agency to concentrate on lesser known aspects of travel in Italy. Our aim is to open a window on the many-faceted realities of a country rich in tradition and historical interest preserved in remote areas and small towns off the main tourist circuits. Our team of travel experts report on cultural and folklore events that do not normally feature in the travel press or appear in tour brochures, off-the-beaten-track itineraries, national parks and wildlife, regional gourmet products and niche hotels of particular interest.
We believe that this initiative will appeal to independent travelers who want to experience the “real Italy” and to small, specialized travel organizers who are looking for something different to offer their clients.

Italyupdate, travel news.  Established 2007
Editor: Julia Davidson
Chief Correspondent: Margaret Stenhouse
Travel – Antonio Rigillo |  Editorial – Harry Reid
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