A precise replica of the mummy of Ramses II, the most celebrated Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, is at present on show in the Piacentiniana Room of the Palazzo del Rectorate in La Sapienza University of Rome.




While the precious original has remained in the National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, Egypt, advanced modern technology allows Rome visitors to admire a perfect three dimensional copy of “Il faraone immortale”, (the Immortal Pharaoh) complete with skin reconstructed with organic materials and facial features recreated by the specialists of the University's Centro SAPeri&Co research centre, according to the 3D image published by the Liverpool John Moore's University, England.

Ramses died at the venerable age of 90. According to his portrait, he was a handsome man with a prominent nose and a thin bony face.

The exhibition includes a reconstruction of the funeral chamber of Ramses from the Valley of the Kings as well as sensorial experiences, like the scent of the incense used in the embalming process, and also a historic recreation of the celebrated Battle of Qadesh (1274.BC) between the Egyptians and the Hittites.

Ramses II has the unfortunate honour of being identified with the legend of the Exodus of the Hebrew slaves from captivity in Egypt. However, modern archaeological research has found no evidence to support this story.

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Posted on 02 Mar 2023 by Editor
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