The charming resort of Positano on the Amalfi Coast has long been celebrated for its stunning cliff-side position overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, its unique Positano fashion style and its VIP lifestyle.

But its attractions are not a modern phenomenon. It was a favoured retreat also for the ancient Romans. Evidence of the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed a couple of thousand years ago has been uncovered underneath the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the heart of the old town.

Although the lavishly decorated villa has been known since the mid 18th century when archaeologists were excavating Pompeii, Herculanum and Stabiae, it has only been brought to light in the last ten years and opened to the public a couple of years ago, after lengthy and delicate restoration work.

The remains of the vast triclinium lie 11m under the medieval crypt of the church. Access has been created through glass and steel stairways and passages in order to not obstruct the view of the excavated dining hall, frescoed with a brightly coloured world of mythological creatures, heroes, gods, birds and animals. The villa was badly damaged during the Pompeii eruption of 79AD and was buried under landslide of pumice stone and mud, which helped preserve the amazing riot of colours.

The owner is thought to have been the rich and powerful Posides Claudi Caesaris, a friend of the emperor Claudius, and from whom Positano took its name

Info: MaR Positano Museo Archeologico Romano

Tel. +39.331 2085821

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Well-known street artist Harry Greb got to work immediately after the announcement of the death of composer Ennio Morricone, dedicating a mural homage in Via delle Fratte in the Trastevere district of Rome where the maestro was born.

Morricone is shown in a characteristic pose, holding a finger to his mouth for silence. In his other hand he holds one of the two Oscar statuettes he won – one awarded for his career in 2007 and the other for the soundtrack of “The Hateful Eight” in 2016.

He was a prolific composer, who wrote classical symphonies as well as popular songs. But he is best remembered for the haunting music that accompanied films like “Mission”, “A Fistful of Dollars”, “Cinema Paradise” and innumerable others.

Harry Greb's works are a well-known feature in Rome. Recently, he painted a mural on the wall of the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome in memory of the many victims of Coronavirus.

Source: ArtLife

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The Italian Touring Club has launched a “Summer in the Borghi(small historic towns) campaign, full of suggestions for a holiday with a difference. With most Italians opting to vacation in their own country this year, due to the problems posed by the pandemic, the 247 borghi certified with the Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) that guarantees high standards of hospitality, friendliness, local food and unspoiled scenery, are gearing up to welcome un unprecedented number of visitors. The Touring Club website is also a great source of new destination information for foreign visitors.

Most of the borghi offer entertainment programmes, nature tours, cycling and trekking tracks and guided visits for small groups to local places of interest. All information can be had on the website:

The Touring Club (TCI) is a non-profit association, founded 120 years ago, and dedicated to tourism, culture and the environment.


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The island of Elba (Tuscany) launches its 6th edition of the Magnetic Opera Festival, a uniquely scenic musical event. The programme of concerts and recitals runs until the 21st July 2020, against the spectacular backdrops of the Linguella Tower, built by the Medicis in the 16th century, and the beachfront Piazza di Porta Azzurra.

The Festival takes its name from the iconic “Magnet Mountain” (Monte Calamita) of Elba at Capoliveri, where iron ore, rich in magnetite, was mined up till the 1980s, and the Festival logo features the winding tower of a mine shaft.

The programme includes performances by the four-tenor Italian Harmonists group, nostalgia and light music from tenor Matteo Brancaleoni with the Italian Swing Band, soprano quartette LeDiv4s, a classical recital with a difference featuring the Duo Baldi and Maria Luigia Borsi and terminates with the final Gran Opera Gala with Elba tenor Marco Ciaponi and six soloists accompanied by the Cantieri D'Arte Symphonic Orchestra.

Organized by the local Maggyard Cultural Association, all the performances are free, “a gift to the local population to compensate for the suffering and hardship caused by the recent pandemic”, the organizers announced. Prior booking advised.

Info: Tel. +39.377 268955

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Parma is to remain Italy's designated City of Culture throughout 2021 to compensate for the interruption in its planned programme of events, due to the coronavirus shut-down.

The programme, which also involved the neighbouring cities of Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, had already been launched when the pandemic forced the suspension of all cultural activities.

The new programme was officially launched at the beginning of June with two highly original contemporary exhibitions: Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi at the Complesso Pilotta, and the Florilegium in the Oratory of San Tiburzio.

The Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi, which runs until the 14th February 2021, highlights the work of Piero Fornasetti, leading 20th century surrealist artist and interior designer, in contrast with the exhibition setting in the 16th century cluster of monumental edifices, known as La Pilotta, symbol of the power of the Farnese Dukes.

Florilegium is the creation of UK artist Rebecca Louise Law, celebrated for her amazing floral installations. Over 200,000 flowers have been used in the compositions to be admired in the imposing baroque Oratory of San Tiburzio. Until the 19th December 2020.

Parma is best known world-wide for the excellence of its exclusive food products, and is a registered UNESCO City of Gastronomy. It has Italy's largest number of local quality-protected gastronomic creations. Many are world famous, like Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello di Zibello, Borgotaro mushrooms, Coppa di Parma and the wines of the Parma Hills (Colli di Parma).

Info: Tel. +39.0521.218889/8352

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The Wine Consortium of Alto Adige (Sudtirol) has launched a new series of five guided treks for lovers of Nature, gastronomy and wine cultivation. The five wein.weg (wine routes) lead through some of the area's most celebrated beauty spots as well as vineyards that produce the region's most celebrated wines.

  1. The Oltradige wine walk lasts three hours. It takes in the famous Lake of Caldaro and leads through apple orchards and vineyards. Wine Tastings on route included.

  2. The Gewurztraminer Track: through the vineyards of this autochthonous DOC rose-skinned “spice” grape, popular since the XII century.

  3. Lagundo Track: the Waalweg (Paths of Water) following the beds of the ancient irrigation canals (rogge) that once guaranteed water for the vines.

  1. The Via Vinum: classic excursionist route in Val Venosta, includes dropping in to the farms of local wine producers for a drink and a chat.

  2. Terlano, the Wine Route of the DOC Terlaner vineyards and the prize asparagus fields.


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The total number of spectators allowed in the theatre at the moment is limited to 300 so Venice's historic La Fenice Opera House has come up with a revolutionary solution to social distancing rules imposed by the present pandemic. In order to avoid crowding in the stalls, the orchestra pit and stalls area have been fitted with a 3 m-high wooden structure resembling the ribs of a flat-bottomed boat. This is where the orchestra will sit, properly distanced. This is linked to the stage, where 70 spectators can be accommodated, as if in the prow.

Posted on 21 Jun 2020 by Editor


The Salt Museum of Cervia (MUSA) is opening its doors for a special photographic exhibition centred on the sea and the life of fishermen. The “Gente di Mare” (People of the Sea) exhibition also features local fishermen who will exhibit various techniques of their trade, like mending nets and tying knots.

Visitors can also watch the ancient technique of sail painting, with the traditional designs, colours and symbols, demonstrated by members of “La Pantofla” cultural association. The photographic exhibition is open every evening till the 4th July 2020 between 20.30 till midnight, with “fishermen's tales” every evening Tuesday to Saturday during the period.

Info: Tel. +39.0544.979302

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Italy is putting forward two candidates for this year's International Archaeology Discovery Award, now into its sixth edition. The award is dedicated to Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, the head of antiquities in the ancient city of Palmyra who was killed by Islamic militants in 2015 for refusing to reveal the hiding place of the museum's most precious antiquities.

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The Pinacoteca di Brera of Milan finally re-opened on the 9th June 2020, after the long closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Director James Bradburne has announced that the entrance fee will be waived for the entire summer period, as a thank you gesture to the city and people of Milan, whom, he said, constantly offered their support and affection throughout the months of the crisis. “If the Brera is the heart of Milan, the Milanese are in the heart of the Brera”, he said, commenting on the unique affection and sense of participation Italians feel for their remarkable cultural heritage.

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